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CHOFU Shiragiku Kindergarten

CHOFU Shiragiku Kindergarten


Our kindergarten was founded by the present principal Yoshiharu Yoshida in 1966, and started its classes, inviting the late Mr. Katsuharu Yamaguchi as the first principal.

Its large playground, in a nice and quiet environment complete with the goodness of nature, provides the most suitable place for children to play and learn. It is located in a safe environment that also provides shelter for the community in case of disasters or other emergencies.

Each child grows up freely and independently in the spacious buildings and nursery rooms.

Characteristics  of

Shiragiku Kindergarten.

1. Activity-focused Curriculum - Through our activity-focused curriculum, children learn freely and cheerflly without being forced into situations. This helps children to nurture their own individual personalities.

2. To Nurture "a healthy, cheerful child with a healthy body and mind" through physical education - We provide them with fun physsical activities, as well as teach them to obey the rules.

3. Music classes designed for fun - Children enjoy playing musical instruments as well as singing in their regular classes.

4. Short field trips to enjoy nature all day.

5. Combined classes with children of different ages- children enjoy learning together with children of different ages.

6. Free Day - Children can choose what they want to do for the day. (The purpose is to allow the children to become comfortable to creating activities and cooperate with other children by themselves.)

7. We offer many child-focused events designed to help children learn through actual experience.

8. We help children get used to,and even appreciate the foods they do not like little by little.

9. Adjustable after school program designned for parents' convenience - We take care of children after class until five in the evening for those parents who are unable to pick up their children at the regular time.

10. P.E.class, English class, and English-computer class - Children have fun with various other teachers, exercising and learning English conversation and computers



Children are divided between early-day and late-day schedules depending on where they live.

Morning 8:30 First bus arrives/Free time 8:45-9:00 children come to school on foot
9:00 Change clothes to in-school wear/Free time
10:00 Classes begin(English,Physical exercise,P.C exercise)
11:00 Free time
11:40 Lunch

12:40 Free time
13:20 Change clothes to uniforms/Going-home activities
13:50 Children of first bus group ride on the bus
14:00 Children of second,third bus groups have a free time/After school/Overtime childcare
16:00 After school ride on the bus
18:00 Overtime childcare children meet their parents


Yearly Events (with photographs!) Children at Shiragiku Kindergarten have played cheerfully and freely and grown through various events. Please take a look at the fun photographs of the yearly events and other activities we had in the previous year.

Be coverd with Mud.

Field trip.


Athletic Festival.

Halloween Festival.

School Play.


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